Cake Stands and Milk Parsley

My little Sister Gemma got married to the rather wonderful Callum a few weeks ago. As a wedding present David turned this particularly special cake stand for the wedding cake to sit on and before we took it down to London I managed to get a few shots of it. It was a 12” cake and so the stand had to be pretty robust but I think David managed to still make it a delicate piece.

I have a bit of a thing for milk parsley, I think its because it reminds me of my childhood home and seeing it along the pathways there.  I have planted swaths of these gorgeous delicate flowers in my tiny terrace ‘yarden’ as they are known round here, to cheer me up at end of summer in the Manchester drizzle. They were especially welcomed when our resident squirrel helped itself to our only successful sunflower, obviously the local chippy bins weren’t providing it with enough sustenance!  The heads in these shots are just going to seed so not at their full glory, I didn’t quite catch them in time. It seems a little indulgent but this is a test purely for myself. I am feeling compelled to make very feminine gentle images, this may have something to do with a house full of boys and rugby boots.

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