david marsh furniture

This is a slimline desk David made for our home a few months ago. We live in a typical Manchester terrace and space is tight so a bespoke desk that allows our front room to also function as a dining room and bike storage was essential. We are about to move the desk so I thought I would show it now and then feature it again at a later date in its new position. The shelves are now much fuller and the desk a bit less tidy but it still looks pretty smart. I love the birch faced ply and super sturdy cantilevered shelves. David works from a studio at Levenshulme Antiques village and you can see more of his work here: david marsh furniture.


This is some stolen space in our Manchester terrace we will be moving the aforementioned desk into. David put the mezzanine in to create more space while i was pregnant with Elliot, our second child. I think its perhaps the biggest piece of furniture he has made to date, with completely bespoke storage making use of every nook and cranny. This will be our new office and I will use it for small table top shoots when necessary as the light can be gorgeous even on a dull day. David is making the boys a bunk bed, which they are very excited about and I cant wait to take pictures of.



  1. Lovely lovely pictures and furniture! I have shelf envy… Hope to meet you in Lev soon.

  2. love the pictures love the furniture…

  3. lesego

    nice pics keep it up…

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